Wallets & Real Estate

Fabrica puts real estate in your wallet. So what exactly is a wallet?

A wallet is your portal to the world of web3. Now, we can connect your real life property into this new world. If you bring your property on-chain through Fabrica’s simple on-ramping platform you’ll be porting your property into a crypto wallet.By having real estate in your wallet, you can view your property information in seconds and share this with platforms to unlock capital, financing and other cool benefits.

What is a wallet? A wallet helps you manage your ethereum account. It might come in the form of a chrome extension, or a mobile or desktop app.

An ethereum account “is an entity that can send transactions and has a balance.” 

It has a couple of components

A public address

  • A public address will have a format like 0xb0aBF8ea33282b78a5F7305c82A8A90D140da79D
  • This is typically what you share when transacting across the ethereum network

Private Key

  • This is obscured and is never really revealed. When setting up your wallet you will receive 12-24 words known as your “seed phrase” which maps to your private key. Consider your seed phrase extremely confidential and should never be shared with anyone. Fabrica will never ask for your seed phrase or private keys, and neither should parties or platforms you engage with. 
  • Ethereum recommends that you write down your phrase and not store it on a computer. If someone has access to your seed phrase they will have access to all your assets linked to your account.
  • There are no “passwords” to your account. The only way to restore or retrieve access to your wallet is through your seed phrase.
  • The only time you will need to use your seed phrase is if you would like to set up a wallet on a different device. Be careful to make sure you are installing a legitimate app/wallet.

There are many wallet providers but some of the most popular ones are:

Wallet providers

  • MetaMask
  • Rainbow
  • Uniswap
  • Robinhood (wallet app)
  • Coinbase (wallet app)

One of the best resources around wallets is from the main documentation of Ethereum itself: https://ethereum.org/en/wallets/ 

When creating a wallet, if you don’t create and have access to a seed phrase, then the account is likely being custodied by another platform and you do not have full access or control over the assets in the account. 

That said, if you are creating a wallet through Fabrica’s site, we use an integration with Magic. Magic allows users to create a wallet through their email address. This process does not provide a seed phrase when first using the wallet. However once your wallet has been created you can view your wallet here https://wallet.magic.link/ 

  • From there, click the user icon

  • And then select “wallet secret phrase” to save a written backup of your phrase

If you need support regarding your wallet, it’s best to look at the official support documentation on each of their respective sites. Be careful of anyone offering to help, or asking you to share your screen while troubleshooting. Fabrica does not control or have access to your wallet and ethereum account.

When viewing your ethereum account through a wallet, you’ll be able to see a list and balances of all of the tokens you own. Tokens can be coins or NFTs.Not all wallets support viewing NFTs. But just because you can’t view the NFT from your chosen wallet, doesn’t mean they aren’t there. 

If you can’t seem to see any NFTs you own, you might want to view your account through a wallet like Rainbow. Or visit a marketplace like Opensea and search for your public address there to see them there. Or better yet, if you have a Fabrica NFT, head on over to v3.fabrica.land to view your properties there.

If you still don’t see an NFT that you think you should, you can try to see if the NFT ever entered or left your wallet by looking through your transaction history on a site like etherscan. If you’ve used your NFT as a loan, it may be temporarily moved from your wallet to a vault for the duration of the loan, or until you pay the loan and any related interest back.